TrackSW GPS Tracker for Android

TrackSW Tracker for Android


TrackSW GPS Tracker Android app can be used both for GPS tracking and as a Message notification service.

GPS tracking allows you to turn your android phone into a GPS tracker. Similiar to a classic GPS tracking device, TrackSW GPS Tracker app sends GPS data to server, when it detects movement.

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Short description and instructions

TrackSW Tracker can work in three different modes: full, auto or manual. Besides mode you also have to choose the server to which GPS data will be sending to.

To open settings, click on the gear icon in the top right corner ("Settings" in the menu).

screenshot_eng_settings_linkFirst, we can select in which mode TrackSW Tracker will work. Since we are interested in tracking, choose Tracking mode and then select the mode you want (how modes work is explained below).

We also have to select MSG/GPS server from the drop-down list.

Settings are automatically saved by clicking on back arrow in upper left corner (or pressing back key on your phone).

screenshot_eng_manualExample of main screen with manual mode tracking enabled: There's a button to start/stop tracking, and under it information about GPS/MSG service states, last position, last position time, etc.

Device registration

screenshot_eng_registerTo start using the TrackSW Tracker, you need to register your device. Registration is simple: on main screen, open menu in upper right corner and click on Register device. A new window will open, where you can enter your e-mail and press Register now.

On the entered e-mail you'll receive your login data (username & password) for TrackSW WEB application, and TrackSW Tracker is ready for use!

Tracking modes

TrackSW Tracker has three different tracking modes:

1. Full tracking: Tracker will be on all the time, and will send GPS data when it detects movement.

2. Auto tracking: In app settings you can set up time intervals, from when to when the tracking should be active. (i.e. tracking active every day from 8:00 to 16:00)

3. Manual tracking: Tracker is controlled manually (on/off button)

Auto mode
Auto mode
Full mode
Full mode
Manual mode
Manual mode

Auto mode settings

For using auto tracking mode, you need to set up intervals from when to when the GPS tracking should be active and night interval - time between each connection to server when GPS tracking is not active (periodical checks for changes in interval settings).

There are two ways to set up intervals: in the TrackSW Tracking app itself, or through the TrackSW WEB app.

Setting up in the app itself

Example of a set timetable

When we select auto in settings, a new settings category pops up (auto mode), here we make sure that the Server provided... is unchecked and click on Open working hours timetable. A table will open for editing.

In first row, we can select time for all working days (monday through friday).

If for some days we don't want tracking active, we can set times to 00:00-00:00.

Setting up in TrackSW WEB Application

screenshot_eng_settings_auto1In category Auto mode, check the Server provided interval and working hours and save settings.

Open TrackSW WEB application with your tracker, open tracker settings and select Android tracker tab (see image). Here we can set the night interval and the timetable.

After applying settings in WEB application, we can click Retrieve data from server in main screen of TrackSW Tracker app to immediately apply new settings.


Intervals and other settings


  • Active location interval: Time between two locations when GPS is active.
  • Active message interval: Time between communications with server (sending GPS data, checking for messages)
  • Sleeping message interval: Time between communications when MSG service is asleep.


  • Sensitivity: How sensitive is TrackSW Tracker (max. sensor value before it wakes up from sleep). Different mobile phone can have different "default" values. You can read current sensor value on the main screen (Accelerometer value).
  • Accuracy: How accurate the GPS location should be to be considered valid. Bigger value allows accepting less precise positions. Suggested value is about 15 meters.
  • Messaging sleep mode: With this option enabled, MSG service will sleep together with GPS service (when there's no movement detected) and will additionaly save batter life.
  • Start on boot: With this option enabled, TrackSW Tracker will start up when device is turned on.

Interval and other settings

Interval and other settings