Software pricing plans

To align to your tracking needs, we offer various pricing plans of our software. Besides free tracking, we also offer Green plans, suitable for individuals, and Blue plans, which are recommended for business companies.

*paid yearly

** free tracking is free to try for one month

BasicPremiumPremium PlusProfessionalEnterpriseCustom
free9 €25 €90 €130 €230 €280 €custom
per month*per month*per monthper monthper monthper monthper month
No. of trackers 1525100100300500custom
Real time tracking
WEB Application
Admin Panel
History & reports
Advanced reports
Custom logo
Custom domain
Server mng. tool
Website (IIS)
Hosting ourourourourourourourour, yours
Software upgrades
Technical support
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Prices are informational. Plans can be aligned to fit your needs.

We are holding the rights to change pricing plans prices at any time, without notice.

Device purchase prices

If you do not own a device yet, you can order it from us. Devices bought from us are fully tested and set up, so all you have to do is insert SIM card and mount device to the vehicle (or other object) you want to track.

Also, for every device you buy from us, you get a month of our services for free!

Note: while you can buy a device from us, you will still need to get a SIM card for the device from your (local) mobile service provider.