Tracking device setup

Tracking Device Setup

Note: Before proceeding, we recommend you to check a list of supported trackers.

To use your tracking device with TrackSW software, you need to set it up.

To set up a device bought from us, you'll need:

  • a device (obviously) and device's IMEI and model,
  • a working SIM card from your local mobile service provider,
  • a phone (any kind, with SMS function),
  • power supply for your device,
  • your provider's APN and it's username and password*

For setting up your own device, you'll need all of the above, plus:

  • your device's manual and/or configurator software*,
  • proper IP address and port (see list of supported trackers) for your device,
  • your provider's APN and it's username and password,

* contact the seller you got device from if you don't have those.

Step 1: Disable PIN password on SIM card

New SIM cards have PIN password check on by default. To make SIM card work in your device, you need to disable it. Insert SIM card into your phone and disable PIN password protection.

Step 2: Insert SIM into tracking device

Insert SIM card into your tracking device. How the SIM card is inserted varies from device to device, but is usually quite obvious and similiar to inserting SIM card to a phone (i.e. open device - insert card - close device).

Step 3: Set up tracking device for TrackSW

As this is your own device, you need to set it up to work with TrackSW software. There are two ways to do it: by sending text messages to device, or by plugging the device into PC and use the configurator.

Please note that device must have power supply and must be ON when setting it up. How the device is set up varies from device to device. You should get the device's manual and/or configurator when you purchased the device.

You must provide all these data to the device to function properly:

  • IP address and port (check list of supported trackers for your device's IP and port),
  • APN, APN username and APN password,
  • reporting type and interval (we recommend fixed time interval with report interval of every 15 seconds and alpha angle of 30°).

Example of a text messages for QuecLink GV65:


Explanation (in colors): APN, APN username, APN password, IP address and port

Setting QuecLink GV65 to fixed time interval of 15 seconds:


Example configuration file for QuecLink GV65 (to use with configurator):

download link

Step 4: Install tracking device

After the device is set up, you can mount it to vehicle or other object you want to track. You can mount the device yourself (if you know how and/or using device's manual), or find appropriate auto-service to do the job for you.

Step 5: Add tracker to your trackers list

If you haven't already, add tracker to your trackers list. Open up TrackSW Admin Panel, open Trackers tab and click "add tracker". You'll need to provide at least tracker's IMEI, model, and custom description.