Reports & advanced reports

Reports tab

reports_1To show data and get PDF report:

  1. Select timespan (from - to) for the report,
  2. choose a device or check "all trackers",
  3. choose report type,
  4. click "show" to get all data from selected timespan and devices.
  5. To get PDF report (ready to print), click on PDF link next to "show" button.

Upper table (6) shows days when device was active. Selecting a day from that table shows details in lower table (7). For every day, there's also a graphical display of data - graph (8). There are three types of graphs avaliable: hour profile, stop/drive and speed (9).

Report types

Report types differentiate by generated PDF report. There are four types of report:

  • stops/drive: is a standard report, shows information about stops (where stops happened, when stops started and when ended ...)
  • daily statistic: is a report that sums up data for each day, shows information such as distance travelled, total time driving, etc.
  • wide report: or extended report is similiar to stops/drive report, however it contains more data, such as driver's ID
  • country statistics: is a report that sums up data by country. Useful for devices that do a lot of international travel.


Advanced reports

Advanced reports allow you to make detailed, more specific reports.

reports_advance_topTo browse advanced reports:

  1. In reports tab, click "advance reports" button,
  2. Choose a timespan (from - to) and device (or uncheck "only tracker" for all devices),
  3. Select an advanced report tab and fill in further details.

Note: All advanced reports share the same timespan and device setting, as described above.

  • Maximum speed: for this report, you define minimum and maximum speed. Report shows device movement when speed was within the selected bounds.
  • Stops duration: for this report, you define duration of a stop (minimal and maximal time). Report displays all stops that lasted within the selected bounds.
  • Stop locations: for this report, you define location or POI of a stop. Report consists of all stops that were made on the defined location.
  • Time activity: for this report, you define an interval (to a second precise). Report gives all stops/drives that were made within a given time interval.
  • Events: for this report, you select a type of event you want the report for. Report includes time, location and device that triggered the event.
  • Fuel monitor - CAN: allows you to supervise fuel consumption. More about CAN fuel supervision.
  • Digital inputs: for this report, you select a digital input (DIN) and it's state (switch ON/OFF). Report entries contain data about each digital switch that happened.
  • Tracker inactivity: with this report, you can check device inactivity (if tracker did a longer "jump" without sending any data). Minimal distance of inactivity must be defined.
  • Temperature monitor: this is a special report that overviews the temperature of the motor. Report consists of data about time, position and temperature status.