Points of interest (POI)

Points of interest

Points of interest (POI) are special locations that can be add to tracksw application. Example usage of POI is saving locations your devices often visit. Points can be shown on the map when browsing history, and can be also seen in reports.

Show POI when browsing history

poi_showIf you would like to see saved POI when browsing history, you just have to check "POI" (1) when browsing history. If you have more than one layer, you can select shown POI layer by clicking button "details" (2) and selecting tab "POI". Here, you can select POI layer.

Show POI in reports

When browsing reports, there's a column "POI location" that shows saved POI location, if the device has been near one.

  Note: For POI to be shown in reports, POI layer's "rep" should be set to 1! (see adding POI points below). Newly added points will present in all future reports!

Advanced report/search by POI

In advanced reports, there's an option to search by POI:

  1. Open reports tab and click "advanced reports" button,
  2. select tab "stop locations",
  3. select a device and time (1),
  4. write down POI name (can be partial) (2) and click "show locations".

Adding POI


Creating POI layer

Before adding POI, we firstly need at least one POI layer to save points to. To add a layer:

  1. Go to settings and click button "edit POI".
  2. In new window, click on plus () button in upper button group to add a layer. Write down layer number, layer description and REP (1 - show POI in reports, 0 - do not show POI in reports).

When you successfully added a layer, you can start adding points. You can write down longitude and latitude directly (4), however there's an easier way to add POI points, see below.

Adding POI using quick add

POI can be quickly added in reports tab:

  1. Select a row with a location you want to add to POI,
  2. open menu and click "add to POI list",
  3. Edit POI window will show up, just like before, however longitude and latitude of location are already filled in. You just have to add diameter (the distance of how far can the device be to still count that it was on point) and point description.
  4. Click "add to POI list".