Free trial

Track your device for free for a month.

Send us an e-mail...

If you have a tracking device, send us an email at, containing IMEI number of your Teltonika tracker and we will set up a test TrackSW account for you.

You will receive login data with which you will be able to log in the web app and test all the features of TrackSW Tracking software.

Make sure you properly set the IP and port in the tracker configuration.

...or register with the Android app

If you want to test the software with the Android app, all you have to do is download the TrackSW Tracker from the Play store.

You can easily register for a free account within the app itself.

Get the most out of your tracker.

Bought a tracker, but need a good tracking software to use it? TrackSW free tracking allows you to watch your device real-time, preview past movement, make a report, and use all the other functions of the software.

Try it out for free before buying.

After you register an account and start tracking your device using TrackSW, you can track it for free for a month. You get the full software to try out so you can be sure what you're getting.

free tracking for your tracking device

See how it's done, in three easy steps


If you have a Teltonika tracker...

Step 1: Create your account


Step 2: Add your device IMEI


Step 3: Set IP ( and port (9002) in your tracker configurator

If you have an Android tracker...

Step 1: Register in TrackSW app on Android phone

Step 2: Check your e-mail for login details

Step 4: Start tracking


Check tracker status from anywhere

TrackSW free tracking WEB Application is not "desktop only", but works on practically any platform, from desktop to mobile. No clumsy installations have to be made, all you need is a browser!

You get to try all this, for free:

Real time tracking

Checking device's current position is simple: all you have to do is log in to WEB Application, and you can already see device's position and status.

Movement history

Where was device moving yesterday all day? Checking device's history is as easy as few clicks - and shown on the map is also very easy to understand!

Printable reports

TrackSW can easily make PDF reports: a list of stops/driving locations, daily statistics, wide report, even statistics by country for those who travel a lot. Choose a timespan (from-to), open generated PDF file and print!