Events & Event notifications


events_1Events allow you to be notified when certain things happen (like first move, overspeeding, etc.). To set up event notifications:

  1. Go to current state tab, select device from the list and click button "edit",
  2. open "events" tab,
  3. make a check next to "enable events",
  4. make a check next to events you want to be notified about. Also, you have to check the way you want to be notified (SMS or e-mail).
  5. Write down your phone number and/or e-mail for notifications to be send to.

Event types:

  • panic button: activates when the appropriate digital input is toggled,
  • vehicle move/time table: notify when device moves outside of selected time (see below),
  • first move: notify about first move after a stop,
  • overspeed: notify when the speed is higher than the one defined,
  • geofence: notify when device enters/leaves an area (see below).

E-mail notifications

For e-mail notifications, we simply have to define an e-mail address (see above) and make a check in front of "email" for event we want to be notified.

SMS (text message) notifications

events_smsText message notifications are not free of charge and therefore have to configured. For configuration, you will need a BulkSMS ( account. To set up tracksw BulkSMS:

  1. Go to settings tab, click button "advance settings" and move to user profile if you're not already at it,
  2. Enter BulkSMS's username and password into fields.

Note: BulkSMS account should always have enough credits avaliable. If account runs out of credits, text messages will not be sent!

Time table

Timetable allows you to configure time intervals when device should not be moving.

Example: If we know that device should not move on mondays between 8 and 12 o'clock, we would fill in first from-to next to monday and make a check.


Geofence settings allow you to configure areas where device should/should not move around. Basically, we can be notified when device has entered/left the certain area. To set up geofence:

  1. In events tab, click button "edit geofence list",
  2. in new window, click on plus () button to add an entry,
  3. fill in the data (longitude, latitude, description, alert on enter/exit, and diameter of area).
  4. Save entry by clicking check () button.