Current state of devices

Current state of devices – main tab

"Current state" tab shows a list of your devices and map with your devices marked.

  1. List of your devices.
  2. Selected device's location is displayed on the map.
  3. In drop-down menu, you can pick device's information (like description, time, location...) that is displayed on map, below devices.
  4. Checking "Fix map" will make map stay on place (by default, it moves with the device so selected device is always in center).
  5. Slider allows you to change display size relation between device list and map.
  6. Map controls to move around (works best with "Fix map" checked). You can also drag the map around (Moving is practically same as in any other maps service, like Google maps).
  7. Detailed information about selected device.
  8. Button "edit" opens new window for editing device settings.

Editing device settings

current_state_generalGeneral settings

In general settings tab, you can:

  • change device's descriptions (1 & 2),
  • select display icon from the list(car, truck, directional arrow...) (3),
  • choose how many minutes the device should stand still to color red (4) - by default, it's set to 5 minutes,
  • write an additional comment (5)

Minimal stop interval (reports tab)

In reports tab, you can set the minimal stop interval. That means how many minutes the device should stand still before the position is marked as a stop.

Note: Too short interval can cause stops to be marked even when car is not really making a stop, but just waiting in trafic, for example. Consider having minimal stop interval set to at least 5 minutes, or more.

Vehicle service interval

In vehicle service tab, you can set up the time or distance between each vehicle service. You can set e-mail notification to alert you about needed vehicle service. To set up vehicle service interval:

  1. Set today's date and current counter state.
  2. Set an interval in months or kilometers - between each service
  3. Write down number of days or kilometers before you want be notified about needed service. Also write down an e-mail address that will receive notification.

Counter calibration

In counter calibration tab, you can set the current state of counter. Tracksw system will continue to update the counter based on calculated device's movement. To set up a counter:

  1. Click on plus () button.
  2. On the list, write in current state of counter.
  3. Click check () button to save.

Application settings menu

In upper right corner, click on the gear icon () to open settings menu. In settings menu, you can:

  • pick cartography (map) provider - Open street map, MapQuest or Google,
  • reset or save the view between device list and map (see current state of devices, pt. 5),
  • check what's new in application,
  • log off.