CAN fuel supervision

CAN fuel supervision

CAN fuel supervision (or monitoring) allows you to track amount of fuel in your tank.

can_dataTo get CAN report:

  1. Open reports tab, click "advance reports" button, select "fuel monitor - CAN" tab,
  2. choose timespan (from - to) and device (like for any other advanced report)
  3. click button "CAN data" to retirieve CAN data and generate PDF report.
  4. click PDF link to open CAN report.

Note: Your device must support CAN communication with vehicle, like FM11+LVCAN device.

can_reportCAN report example

Columns CONSUMPTION tell you an actual amount of fuel spent and average fuel consumption per 100 km.

Columns DISTANCE TRAVELED contain the counter state at the beginning and at the end of route, plus total distance traveled.

Columns FUEL LEVEL show you fuel level and change in fuel level.